The "Bossilek" Specialized Kennel was established in 1988 by importing the first two dogs from this breed from the former Czechoslovakia. One of them, Darta Beryl, was the very first Rottweiler in our home. She was evaluated with an excellent grade and a gold medal in each dog show/ that was the case then /. She became the ancestor of a lot of quality dogs. In 1993-1994 we received a gift from one of the best footballers of all times within Bulgaria, Nasko Syrakov; it was an excellent- exterior male dog with the name of Ingo del Raco d`Aroca imported from Spain; moreover, we bought three female dogs, Deniz, Dona and Dina, taken right from The President of The Kennel Federation in Macedonia Mr Slobodan Miloshevski. These three sisters won an incredible number of dog-show titles. They left quite many show-quality champions, and what is more, Deniz and Dina died as champions without any rivals. From then on, we have started breeding and participating in dog-shows with our own bitches and aimed at using top-quality studs from neighbouring countries, and world-champion kennels. Our results speak for themselves: we receive nine first prizes and a second one out of participating in ten dog shows on average. Our pets are excellent show dogs, and bear the now required breed standard traits and behaviour for the rottweiler. They have a stable type of nervous system/temperament, they have well-developed protection skills and working abilities, too. They are amiable and confident, and basically suitable for a companion to our family and attachment to other representatives of the animal world, showing all this in passing the exams for socializing and breeding appropriateness. We usually breed one bitch per year and select the future owners of our litters of puppies.


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  All the previously mentioned dogs above and some other dogs of ours from the near past and the present moment can be seen in the "Our dogs" and in the "History".